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I am a special educator who has recently relocated to Manila. One of my goals for this year is learn more about early childhood education and special education in the Philippines. I have been visiting schools and therapy centers (among others) and providing info here about them. I do not aim to endorse these different centers/schools, but my intention is to provide information in case some people are interested in learning more about them.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

German European School Manila

Visited the Eurocampus / German European School Manila in Better Living homes in Paranaque this morning. It had a wonderful small school feel and the classrooms were wonderful :).

the toddler classroom

the loft in one of the preschool classrooms

shelves for materials and activity tables


nice idea :)

I love the idea of teaching kids to segregate trash for recycling and composting

Materials and pictures so the kids know where to put them.

Plastic communication folders/envelopes for the kiddos.

Amazing artwork on the walls

Learner's profiles

shopping baskets with glued on pics of food :)

two swimming pools

cafeteria / eating area for the older kids

I had a great visit and hope to come back to see the preschool kids in action :).

For more info check out their website:

Contact info:
                                                 75 Swaziland Street, Better Living Subdivision
                                                       1711 ParaƱaque City, Philippines
                                                                 Tel.: 0063 2 776 1000
                                                                 Fax: 0063 2 824 15 17
                                                             E-mail: secretariat@gesm.org


  1. Nice no? :-) There's also a French School in the same campus. Sana you got to visit it as well.

  2. I did see the outside of the classrooms, but not inside.