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I am a special educator who has recently relocated to Manila. One of my goals for this year is learn more about early childhood education and special education in the Philippines. I have been visiting schools and therapy centers (among others) and providing info here about them. I do not aim to endorse these different centers/schools, but my intention is to provide information in case some people are interested in learning more about them.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Playing with Friends" book

Playing with Friends
Bambi Rodriguez
I like to play.
I like playing with my friends.
But sometimes I forget to play nicely and then my friends don’t want to play with me.
What should I do when I play with my friends?
 I need to listen to my friends,
pastedGraphic_7.pdf  pastedGraphic_8.pdfpastedGraphic_9.pdf …and use kind words.
I wait for my turn,
pastedGraphic_11.pdf   pastedGraphic_12.pdf
and share with my friends.
pastedGraphic_13.pdf  pastedGraphic_14.pdf
Then we can continue to have fun, play well and be good friends to each other. 
The End!

"I Can Wait!" book

I Can Wait!
Bambi Rodriguez
I like doing a lot of things at school.  I like to play, run, eat with my friends, or talk during meeting time.


But sometimes I have to wait. Waiting means having to do something else or doing ‘nothing’ before doing what you really want to do.
First, I have to        Then, I can go and play
sign-in and work.      (although I actually     like working a lot of             times)
   pastedGraphic_5.pdf pastedGraphic_6.pdf
First,I have to raise    Then,I can share my   
my hand and wait for      share my ideas with 
the teacher to call me        class during 
(even when I really,        meeting time.
           really, really want 
           to talk already).  
pastedGraphic_7.pdf pastedGraphic_8.pdf
First, I have to   Then, I can sit
      wash my hands.     down and eat with               my friends.

First, I have to    Then, i can go
line up and wait  outside to the
          until everyone         playground.
        is called. 
pastedGraphic_11.pdf pastedGraphic_12.pdf
First, I have to Then, I can rest
change my shirt. on my mat.
pastedGraphic_13.pdf              pastedGraphic_14.pdf
First, I need to Then, I can get
get my backpack.     ready to go home.
 There are so many times during the day when I have to wait.

pastedGraphic_16.pdf  pastedGraphic_17.pdf
Sometimes it gets a little hard to wait to do the things I want to do.       
pastedGraphic_18.pdf pastedGraphic_19.pdf
When this happens, I can tell my teacher I am having a hard time.  
I can count from 1 to 10.
I can also just ask an adult to sit with me or hold my hand and help me. 
I am learning to wait more and more each day.
The End!

Classroom Rules book

It's been awhile since I've updated the info here.  To make up for it (and while I haven't visited any other schools), I am uploading classroom books that I have made for my present school and some from my old school as well. Hope this helps some of you and maybe it will jump start you into making your own social stories :).  
 I also want to clarify that I downloaded all the pics off the internet.  You can replace them with your own pics (and text) if you like. 

Classroom Rules
Bambi Rodriguez
My classmates and I love playing in our classroom.
pastedGraphic_2.pdf pastedGraphic_3.pdf pastedGraphic_4.pdf
We sing, dance, play, work and have fun all day long.
But that doesn’t mean we get our way all the time. Sometimes we have to do things we  don’t feel like doing (like packing away!). But we do it anyway, because it is the right thing to do.
So what are our classroom rules?
We listen to our teachers and other adults in the classroom.  Our teachers let us know what is going on and what is going to happen next.  They keep us safe and ready to learn.

We use indoor voices.  We can shout as loudly as we can outdoors. But inside the room we have to use indoor voices so it doesn’t get too noisy.
We use walking feet in our classrooms. We can run and jump around outside, but inside we walk so that we don’t bump into each other and get hurt.
We use gentle hands with each other.  We can shake hands, give each other high fives    and back rubs. We can also hug our friends.
We use our words with each other.  Sometimes it is hard to stop and talk when we get very excited or very mad.  We need to remember to use our words so that we can tell others how we feel or what we need.
pastedGraphic_11.pdf  pastedGraphic_12.pdf
We pack away after playing. After playing with our toys we need to put them back in their baskets and shelves.  This is so that we don’t trip over them and hurt ourselves. This is also so that the different pieces don’t get lost.  
These are just some of the classroom rules I know of.  Can you think of other classroom rules we should have?