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I am a special educator who has recently relocated to Manila. One of my goals for this year is learn more about early childhood education and special education in the Philippines. I have been visiting schools and therapy centers (among others) and providing info here about them. I do not aim to endorse these different centers/schools, but my intention is to provide information in case some people are interested in learning more about them.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Iris' blog

I received a message today from an inspiring co-worker back in Oakland.    

Dear Friends and Family, 

I started writing about my experience of being 'voiceless' after I was finally diagnosed with a severe speech disability in 1999. My goal is to share everything I've learned and I'm finally going public with it in my Blog. 
Please share my link below with anyone you may know who is speech disabled, or otherwise, looking for hope and support, and/or who may just want to learn about coping and even becoming empowered by difficult life challenges.

Thanks so much.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gentle Hands, Inc.

Today I got to visit Gentle Hands, Inc.  - a ministry dedicated to helping the poor.  At the site they housed babies to high school students, young adults who grew up there and who were also working there, as well as adults suffering from TB.  I was very, very touched and inspired by the work that I saw there.  The kids were so sweet and the staff so dedicated.  I was glad to have been allowed to play and interact with the kids for a couple of hours and eager to go back soon. 

Thank you Tracey Heppner, for taking the time to show me around and also to Rina Fajardo Molenderas for introducing me to Jonathan and Tracey :).

The new building is a work in progress.

Front office.

I couldn't take more pictures inside but I found the place bright, airy and clean.  It seemed like a really welcoming place and the kids are happy and well cared for . 


The three pictures above were taken from Gentle Hands' Facebook page and Inspirational Insights blog...

Got lots of sweet hugs and
 smiles today :). 

For more pictures and descriptions regarding Gentle Hands:

If you would like to donate, here is a short list of things they need on a regular basis:

Gentle Hands Current Needs List
Stuff for the Children and Babies
Daily Needs
Onesies baby undershirts (especially sizes 0000 and 00000/preemie)
Cloth diapers
Receiving blankets
Baby wipes, baby powder, lotions
Diapers  – preemie pampers
Crib sheets
Diaper rash cream
Bed sheets
Thin blankets
Summer clothes
Bigger Needs
Air-conditioners (5 @ $1000)
High chairs (6 @ $50)
Special Infant Cribs (6 @ $200)
Medical Stuff
Daily needs
Antibiotic ointment
Hydro-cortisone cream
Anti-fungal cream
Children’s Tylenol
Children’s Vitamins
Telfa non-stick gauze
Bigger needs
Portable Oxygen tank
Microscope for labwork
Office Stuff
typewriter (yes it’s true! we still use these here!)
computer/laptop for social worker
Food & Personal Hygiene Items
canned goods of any kind
milk powder for babies

Contact Info:
Email Addresses:

Websites to look at:

Canadian Mailing Address:
CCCE - Gentle Hands
PO Box 10285
Airdrie, AB, Canada
T4A 0H6

Philippines Mailing Address:
Box 574
San Juan, Greenhills
Metro Manila 1502

Address: 27 F. Castillo, Project 4, Quezon City

Blue Plate for Better Learning

I got to participate in Blue Plate for Better Learning (a feeding program for children in the public schools) with a group from Ateneo Law School's Human Rights Center. We met up at Ateneo in Katipunan and went to Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School near Commonwealth Avenue in QC.

Thanks to Patty Sison-Arroyo for dragging me along (as usual) to this event :).

Going in the school gates.

Some kind of assembly. Preparing for the last day of school I think.

The classroom for some of the kids who needed a little help in catching up with academics.  They had another classroom for those with more severe issues.

Volunteer parents doing the cooking.

Veggies chopped up and waiting to be thrown into the cooking pots.


Chicken afritada

Will have to upload more pics to this post later.  I am not sure if I have too many pics or the server is just being really slow.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

World Explorers

World Explorers is a small, home-based preschool.  Especially ideal for those who can benefit from more individualized attention from the teacher.   

Circle time materials

Patterning :)

Set up for writing stories and numbers

Age appropriate materials and toys

Books and more materials

World Explorers focuses on progressive active learning. Specifically on creative thinking, problem solving, literacy appreciation and positive social interaction.

Contact number: 8967784 or 09165722044
Location: Bel-Air

Monday, March 14, 2011

Stepping Stone Learning Centre

Went to visit the school where I first worked, ages and ages ago (they have moved to a different site though)...

The entrance on Bernardino street...

On the walls of one of the classrooms.

All the stuff was on the side because they were preparing for the kids' overnight camp at school...

Circle time poster...

A mini-stage/platform in the early intervention classroom...

circle time area again

How do you feel today?

A place for children's artwork...

Kitchen - which is used for some of the kids' cooking activities...

Materials for the camp.

Therapy room

another pic of the therapy room

Resource materials/room

Young adult room

Homemade calculators for learning numbers and symbols :)

Contact: Claire Julia Polloso
Number: 8998383
Address: 7419 Bernardino St, Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City
Email address: dchfi_sslrtc@yahoo.com.ph
Website: www.steppingstone.ph