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I am a special educator who has recently relocated to Manila. One of my goals for this year is learn more about early childhood education and special education in the Philippines. I have been visiting schools and therapy centers (among others) and providing info here about them. I do not aim to endorse these different centers/schools, but my intention is to provide information in case some people are interested in learning more about them.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Autism Society Philippines Family Power Forum

                  I was amazed and in awe of these parents as they shared their knowledge and experiences in raising children/young adults with autism.  In fighting for their children's rights and education over the years, they have become more of an expert than I will ever be. Dang Koe, Chelo Tirol-Formosa, Chrissy Roa and Evert Malapad, I take my hats off to you (and to all the families with children with autism) - mabuhay kayo!


  1. Correction: It is "Chelo Banal-Formoso" and not "Tirol" as I first mentioned

  2. Bambi, one of my opponents in litigation is also a member of an autism society though I don't recall which one. I understand that he's an active member. I will try to get the information for you just in case you need it.