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I am a special educator who has recently relocated to Manila. One of my goals for this year is learn more about early childhood education and special education in the Philippines. I have been visiting schools and therapy centers (among others) and providing info here about them. I do not aim to endorse these different centers/schools, but my intention is to provide information in case some people are interested in learning more about them.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Explorations Preschool

I have just started a new job as a special education consultant at a regular preschool in Mandaluyong.  I had meant only to visit the school and to use it as another entry for my blog, but I somehow ended up with a part-time job as well :). 

It is a progressive school and the aim of the founders was to establish a school in the tradition and standards of the Bank street approach to education.  They have a good number of classes from Toddler, Nursery and Kinder (ranging from 1 y/o to 5.5 y/o).  It is an inclusive setting and they have children with special needs in the different classrooms.  

This is definitely a new setting and a new role for me, which is one of the reasons why I took the job.  I am eager to learn new things and am open to new experiences :).  I can't wait for the kids to come back to school in June and I am looking forward to meeting and working with their families, as well as the very supportive and enthusiastic staff at Explorations.

I don't have my own pictures of the school, but feel free to click on the link below to see the website (which has a gallery of pictures). 

Contact Persons: Didi Manahan / Lisette Fajardo

Address: 928 Luna Mencias cor. Socorro Fernandez St., 
Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. No.: (632)724-3320
Telefax: (632)724-4271
Mobile No.: (+63) 915-2853658

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